Hello, I’m Laurinda Butcher.

I specialize in branding, design, copy, and marketing strategy for digital, print, social, UX, web, video and events. I am super fluent in Adobe Creative Suite, and have managed all kinds of creative projects and talent for large and small companies.

I am currently working with a playwright on a brand and website for her upcoming Audible release, and finishing up brand assets for a hair salon owner’s network and LMS. A few years ago, I directed a 7-dog wedding apparel photo shoot on location, and pulled an all-nighter trying to rope together 300 custom flags on a corporate cruise in Alaska. Last year, I flew to DC to photograph the top names in Health Care innovation at the World Health Care Congress after creating the theme and teasing up materials all year. And in January 2020 I created a social plan and campaign along with a WordPress site for an online life insurance tool.

How can I help your business?

I am also a photographer and shoot travel, concerts and conferences, executives, candids, pets, and products. But I am most passionate about capturing intimate moments of connection in nature. In 2015, I launched Cape Ann Photographers Club, a large, membership-only, online and local support community for wildlife photographers.

Need creative? Contact me today!

-Laurinda Butcher, Cape Ann & Boston, MA