Coloring with Nature

Autumn has always been my favorite season. I love the way it warms our landscape with its breathtaking hues—thick canopies of red, orange, and yellow line our paths, while golden light hugs us into the deep blue nights.

Like most designers, I have developed an intimate relationship with color. I can recall exact colors by memory in my mind’s eye, and create palettes for any campaign or mood—fun, subdued, bold, quiet, serious, inspired, joyous, friendly, lighthearted, innovative—at the click of my mouse. But where does that inspiration come from? It’s often Mother Nature herself.

Last week, I came upon fields that were so vibrant that I could hardly capture the beauty with my camera. Straw, lime grass, flowery brights and bluesy sky, all headed out in perfect perspective. There are many ways you could go with this palette.

The sand dunes were so beautifully purpled by the wind and sky that I adjusted all my settings, to be sure I got the colors right. I wanted to absorb the fresh feeling and harmony of that moment forever.

Dunesy Purps

Do you have a photo with colors that speak to you? Maybe you want to include it in a holiday banner for social media, or just mimic the colors on your new website. One trick of the design trade is to use the eyedropper tool in an Adobe product like Photoshop, or a free online tool like Lunapic ( to sample out the colors you like best. Just move around the eyedropper on the image and select 3–5 colors for your palette. Just note the color numbers and apply them to your next project.

Bluesy Seascape

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