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Dancing Mug

The Dancing Mug

It’s a mid-December morning and rather chilly. I am still in PJs, slippers, and heating up the kettle. I select a mug for my tea. Almost Christmas. I think about my house, so filled with things—all six rooms—plus a basement. Surely I have everything I need on this life journey. What more could I even…

Brother Wind and Father Sky

The wind kicked up more gusts this afternoon creating some spectacular wave action before the sky stole the show. The sun cast its golden hue as it disappeared behind the clouds. New formations and textures emerged in the sky as it peeked in and out, tinting the cotton candy clouds. It all felt very spiritual…

The Beach, the Hawk, and the Sparrow

Today was to be my traditional leftovers sandwich day but once the rain cleared, I skipped the stuffing and headed up the coast for a few super indulgent hours of walking alone in nature with my camera. The excitement was building as I tried to decide exactly where to look. What will I see today?…

Coloring with Nature

Autumn has always been my favorite season. I love the way it warms our landscape with its breathtaking hues—thick canopies of red, orange, and yellow line our paths, while golden light hugs us into the deep blue nights. Like most designers, I have developed an intimate relationship with color. I can recall exact colors by…

Good Harbor Beach Footbridge

The Early Bird Catches the Color

Saturday wasn’t the first time I woke up too early. And normally I’d sit with the cat a while then go back to bed. But it was going to be a nice day weather-wise and I wasn’t tired. I knew it was my chance. I slipped out of the house into the darkness with my…

Great Blue Heron

Into the Great Blue (Heron)

The first time I saw a Great Blue Heron was at a beach party in New Hampshire years ago. He had snuck into our covered food area over by the grill. Luckily I was with friends who work with animals. They were able to get him to a safer place. This year, I’ve encountered more Great Blue Herons than ever before.…

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