Laurinda Butcher is a creative professional and photographer of many years. She remembers her first big shoot for a college photography project, a collection of images celebrating the 200-year anniversary of Mercedes Benz, shot over 4 months with a Pentax SLR. “I learned a lot during the Mercedes project about shooting outside, light, reflections, color, angles, and especially weather! She loved spending time in the darkroom developing her film and experimenting with paper and light.

Laurinda went on to manage stock contracts and plan photography as part of her main career as a graphic designer. She got experienced at styling products and sets, working with human and animal models, and directing professional photographers.

Later, she got a DSLR, set up a makeshift home studio, and integrated her own photography skills into her freelance business, shooting art, crystals, jewelry, lotions and vitamins, people, and events. She traveled and took the camera with her, finding fun in event photography and her real love of nature and wildlife scenes. She established Cape Ann Photographers Club in 2015, a Facebook and local group exclusively for area wildlife photographers, with over 1,000 members.

Contact Laurinda for photo assignments like portraits, products, or events, or to inquire about her original photography. Shop Laurinda’s online storefront gallery.