Mother Nature Streaks Through the Sky

The imagination is a carnival of thoughts and it is funny how it can connect things.

Last night was an amazing display of color as Mother Nature quietly streaked across the sky, using various marker tips and her favorite contrasting colors.

Looking South across Magnolia Harbor, Coolidge Point, and Kettle Island.

I enjoyed seeing her bare all as I processed out the photos, in awe of her palette choices and broad strokes. Her freedom to express herself in such a large way seemed liberating.

I connected it to a funny memory. I was maybe 12, up at Prospect Hill Tower near my home in Somerville with a girl friend when we saw a man circling the Tower fully naked. My friend and I were both horrified and entertained as Police chased him off the grounds and down the street while we spectators had a good laugh. It was the 70s, and how I learned about “streaking”. 😀

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