Into the Great Blue (Heron)

The first time I saw a Great Blue Heron was at a beach party in New Hampshire years ago. He had snuck into our covered food area over by the grill. Luckily I was with friends who work with animals. They were able to get him to a safer place.

Great Blue Heron catches a minnow by the tail

This year, I’ve encountered more Great Blue Herons than ever before. In the late summer afternoons, I’d check the ponds and marshes nearby, and more times then not, I’d come upon one wading, fishing, or flying. Twice, I was surprised by one flying out of nowhere towards me. One offered his prehistoric squawk as he flew overhead. Pretty amazing to be so close!

Great Blue Heron tucked in for some relaxation

I’ve really gotten to know these peculiar birds, and love to watch them throughout the seasons, sunning in the summer, and sneaking through the cat nine tails in fall. I’ll be sad to see them leave for the winter, but will eagerly await their return next spring.

Great Blue Heron looking for some fish
Great Blue Heron in Autumn
Great Blue Heron in Cat Nine Tails
Great Blue Heron wading in the pond in Autumn
Great Blue Heron flying off

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